Saturday, July 30, 2011

A grey Saturday morning

It is now15 months since Di left us. Accommodation to that loss becomes a little easier, but still I find ways in which I used to rely on her for advice or agreement. For instance, I have decided to replace the siding on the house. Before, I would have asked Di about color choices, at the very least for confirmation. Now I have to decide for myself, and I have been very nervous about  making a wrong choice. But, as the siding goes up I am becoming more happy with my color choice. It town sin very well with the colors of  surrounding houses and does not stand out like a "sore thumb".   Now for the painter to paint the trim. I want also to replace the fence with a 4 foot iron fence, also. The workers have been very good, working out there in this awful 100+ temperatures. They have been well looked after. I keep a cooler full of ice and drinks just inside the back door, They can come in and refresh themselves whenever they want,  with electrolyte containing fluids, in this dangerous heat.

Choosing a new Dean is a much more complicated task than I had imagined. Probably now is the time to keep the prayer of St. Francis of Assisi in mind, rather than trying to go on ego or power trips. Love to all. Geoff